Callaway connection confirmed - Part 2

This is the continuation of my story to confirm the Callaway connection.

We have been told that my Aunt Katherine (Kate) had proudly espoused the Arundel connection. While that is true, it is only by marriage, not by birth. It has been related to us that she had the Arundel Crest on her sitting room wall. While I only ever knew her as a child, I do remember that she was a proud lady.


In my childhood times, proving or refuting such a claim would have been a hard and costly task. Today, with so much information available through the Internet, it has been less of a task to establish the truth.

I was able finally to obtain the marriage certificate for WHP snr and Betsy Callaway ...



... and the Birth Certificate for Bessie Phillips.



So here we have two documents that match up.

It appears that WHP snr married the girl next door, as they are listed as 25 and 33 Union St in East Stonehouse (Devon). The in-laws were both dealing in wood, one a Chair Maker or what we would now call a cabinet-maker, and the other a carpenter. So they would have had a lot to do with each other no doubt. Seems they were married in Devon, and then moved shortly thereafter to Truro in Cornwall where Bessie was born. No guesses as to the plot there.

Bessie went on to marry Jack Heron in 1866, a business partner of her brother, and has had many descendents.

I have yet to finalise the birth details of the the next 2 children, William Henry jnr, and Ann. In many places WHP jnr states he was born in Truro in 1845, but any document with those criteria does not relate to him as we know him. The same for Ann.

At this stage our investigations lead us to suspect Ann became known as Annie, and married a Robert Donald in 1865 and has had many offspring. But that's a separate story we have yet to confirm and tell.