William John Eatwell (1834-1893)

William John Eatwell (1834-1893)

Known as John

John was born in Aldbourne Wiltshire on the 12th October 1834. He married Anne Watts (1833-1918) from Inkpen,Berkshire (near Aldbourne) on the 5th April 1856. They had eight children:

  • Elizabeth Ann (Annie)  [m. Thomas Ninnes] (1858-1927)
  • William John (1859-1941)
  • Ellen [m. Walter Ramsden] (1862-1949)
  • Emily [m. James Rodley] (1863-1953)
  • Jane [m. Stephen Vosper] (1867-1946)
  • Charles (1869~)
  • Rose [m. Jim Spencer] (1871-~)
  • Kate (1874-1875) (1874-1875)

John died on the 4th July 1893 aged 59 years, and was the first person to be buried at the Stanley Brook Cemetery in Motueka Velley, Nelson.

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Census 1871

The following link is a copy of the census taken in 1871 in Aldbourne, Wiltshire, UK. AT this time Kate and Rose had not been born, but young Charles was alive. He did not appear on the Ship's manifest for the Mataura, and we understand he died in 1872. Also John's father Robert Eatwell (1792-) was living with them. He died shortly after in 1872.



With his family, William left the UK and travelled to New Zealand on the Mataura in 1875. ( The Mataura was also known as the Dunfillan )



Passenger List from the Mataura 1875

The family consisted of John Eatwell (40yrs), his wife Ann (40), and children Ann (17), John (15), Ellen (12), Emily (10), Jane (8), Rose (4), and Kate (1). We believe that Kate died on board the ship.