Cyril Fairfax Maude

Cyril MaudeCyril Fairfax Maude was born in Oamaru on the 20th June 1914, a little over a month prior to the declaration of World War I. He is my first cousin once removed.

His father was Henry Fairfax Maude (1881-1963) and mother Winifred Olga Jamieson (1886-1970).

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Cyril Maude Family Tree

Life Overview

Cyril attended Waitaki Boy's High School, where he developed his love of Art and History. After leaving school he joined the ANZ Bank in 1830 working as the office boy in Oamaru, and and then in Dunedin and Auckland, before joining the armed services.

He joined the New Zealand Expeditionary Force (NZEF) and served initially in the UK. He was seconded to the Intelligence Section of the 5th Infrantry Brigade serving in Greece and Crete. During the Libyan campaign he was captured by the Germans and held for 35 days. Throughout these experiences he sketched the more humorous events he saw.

In 1944 he returned to New Zealand, and worked for the ANZ Bank in Christchurch, as Accountant in Invercargill in 1957, and Branch Manager in Balclutha in 1961.  IN 1966 he returned to Oamaru as Manager.

He was a member of the Rotary Club, and North Otago Art Society, and at the time of his death, the treasurer of the North Otago regional committee of the Historic Places Trust.

His work with the North Otago Scientific and Historic Society was a major part of his life's work, as he studied and researched Maori Rock Art. He became Secretary in 1978. He recorded the site locations and documented the Maori Rock Art by tracing the drawings. He copied and shared these with many experts around the country. The images he traced often found their way into his own artwork. One of the more famous rock drawings still carries the name Cyril gave it "The Ngapara Twist".

Cyril acted as the Record Keeper for the New Zealand Archaeological Society, participating in both excavations and recording.

Cyril died in Oamaru on the 8th July 1987, survived by his wife, son, and two step daughters.







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Transcript of Interview with Cyril Maude about his life.

This is a raw and unchecked transcript of a recorded interview with Cyril in 1985. It covers his life and that of his parents.


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