Callaway Family

Callaway Family

The Callaway family have been known also as Calloway, Kallaway, Kalloway, Kelleway, and some other odd variations.

William Henry Phillips & wife BetseyOur connection is via my great great grandmother Betsey Callaway (), who married William Henry Phillips (1821-1899) in East Stonehouse Devon in 1844.

Betsey was the daughter of Arthur Callaway (1797-1867) and Betsey Werry(1799-1862) who married in Truro on the 13 April 1812.

Betsey had a sister Nanny Callaway (1818-) who married John Wills (1820-) on 19 July 1839, and emigrated to Australia. William and Betsey named their second daughter after Nanny.

Another sister was Jane, who along with Betsey were christened many years after their birth in 1849 at St Mary's in Truro, perhaps in preparation for Betseys departure for Australia.

There were two brothers, Joseph William Frederick Callaway (1819-) and William Petherick Callaway (1815-). Not much has been found of their lives.

Arthur Callaway's father was also Arthur Callaway (1770- ) and mother Ann Bennett (1743-). Like son, the father was a carpenter. There are parish records of the name Arthur Callaway going back to the 1600's in Cornwall, so quite possibly this was of the same family.